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Los Amigos Invisibles


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Los Amigos Invisibles Photo
Please scroll down this page for "mini" versions of  the color and black & white artist photos as well as the AREPA 3000 cover image.  

High resolution print quality versions of these images are also available from this webpage.   Links to the "hires" files are adjacent to the "mini" below.  Just keep on scrollin' down...

For Instructions to download Images and biography, click here.

 Photos by Marina Chavez

LAI 1c
LAI 1c HiRes LAI 1c  LAI 8c HiRes LAI 8c
LAI 3c  
LAI 3c  HiRes LAI 3c
LAI 5c LAI 6c
LAI 5c  HiRes LAI 5c LAI 6c  HiRes LAI 6c
LAI 7c  
LAI 7c  HiRes LAI 7c  
Black & White
LAI 8 bw LAI 9 bw
LAI 8bw  HiRes LAI 8bw LAI 9bw  HiRes LAI 9bw

The Venezuelan
Zinga Son Vol. 1
AREPA 3000 Cover
Arepa 3000 cover
High Res Cover art
Arepa 3000 cover
HiRes Color Cover
125 X 125 pixels

HiRes Color Cover 300 X 300 pixels

LoRes Color Cover 1525 X 1517 pixels


Los Amigos Invisibles
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